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What do you need to know before the 5 axis cnc milling service of rubber mold?

                   Before the 5 axis cnc milling service of rubber molds, it is generally necessary to make certain improvements to the processing conditions as appropriate. The processing conditions are a crucial factor affecting the processing quality. This is because the investment of the five-axis machine tool is relatively expensive, so the process of starting the machine The cost is not low, so the cost-effectiveness of processing must be fully considered before processing. For manufacturers, not only should they pay attention to the investment in the early stage, but also pay more attention to the maintenance of the equipment and the actual equipment operation in the later stage.

1. Control software

The rubber axis 5 axis cnc milling service control software undoubtedly plays a decisive role in the operation of the machine tool. It is very important to choose the appropriate CAD / CAM software package to make full use of the machine performance. So when performing high-speed machining, the servo drive and response time on the machine tool are very important to avoid short circuit or overshoot during machining. The controller in the machine must be able to process data at a sufficiently fast speed. At the same time, the software for creating five-axis rubber molds must have excellent smooth codes so that the machine can move smoothly.
5 axis cnc milling service
2. Tool induction

High productivity is the benefit of the five-axis machining of rubber molds with guaranteed quality, but this also increases the risk of errors, such as using damaged tools or wrong tools. The way to reduce these errors is to choose a tool inspection system. When it comes to creating tool paths, it is usually necessary to greatly reduce the risk of collision at higher speeds. There are many software tools on the market to help eliminate this situation, and parts can be loaded through the corresponding anti-collision software And tools three-dimensional model.

3. Control flexibility

By saving the user's time, the five-axis processing of rubber molds that are popular with customers can also directly save money. Increasing tool life means fewer tools are needed, and increasing accuracy means reducing the risk of costly errors. There are many ways to machine five-axis rubber molds to save money, increase flexibility and spindle utilization, and reduce inventory investment.