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What are the advantages of 5 axis cnc machining over traditional machining?

           Compared with traditional machining methods, 5 axis cnc machining centers actually have quite a lot of advantages. CNC machining equipment has been widely used in many industries. Therefore, the diversified market demand also has stricter requirements on the production capacity of enterprises. The core technology is also constantly breaking, especially the multi-axis CNC machining technology is gradually mature, which has caused some large and medium-sized furniture companies to introduce advanced multi-axis CNC machining equipment, thereby greatly improving their production efficiency and product quality.

           Can reduce processing time, mainly in five-axis machining, because it uses a flat-bottomed end mill, it can maintain a vertical state on the processing surface, which can greatly reduce the processing time. The principle of the five-axis machining center is also applicable to the side milling with angled surfaces, so the rib-like texture caused by the ball end mill is eliminated, which can make the surface quality of the mold more ideal, reducing the increase in the need to clean the surface The workload of manual milling and manual work.

           Improving the machining accuracy, through the five-axis machining technology, it is possible to reposition the workpiece at a complex angle, which not only shortens the processing time, but also reduces the error, thereby saving costs. The machine tool can also process complex parts, such as drilling of complex surfaces, taper machining and cavity recesses, which are not possible with traditional machining methods.

           High production efficiency. The five-axis machining center can effectively reduce the part processing time and auxiliary time, which can reduce the turnover time between processes of semi-finished products and improve production efficiency.