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Summary of the existence of Injection Mold Design Service and manufacturing misunderstandings

The wrong selection of the main view of the Injection Mold Design Service resulted in increased difficulty in viewing drawings and processing. There is also an unreasonable mold structure design, which results in mold templates that are too large and thick, which also increases manufacturing costs. There is only the consideration of saving material costs, so the standard mold base is used. Without considering the quality and processing cost of the mold, the position of the reset lever is wrongly designed, which reduces the strength of the pressure plate.

The repeated positioning of Injection Mold Design Service in the same direction generally occurs in mold design. Even if positioning occurs, it will increase unnecessary manufacturing accuracy invisibly, which will increase unnecessary manufacturing costs. In fact, such a design makes it difficult for the fitter to cause the fitter to empty a part with an electric grinder.

Generally, the guide post design is too short or too long, because the standard mold base is used. The guide post needs to be 25-30mm higher than the movable mold core or the inclined guide post. It cannot be too high or lower than the movable mold core or the inclined guide post. Otherwise, it will not provide protection. Avoid design errors in the positioning structure of moving and fixed molds with large parting surface gradients. For the molds of plastic parts with a large drop in parting surface, the positioning structure design of the moving and fixed molds must prevent the moving molds from shifting toward the low side without the slope.