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Possible misunderstandings about 5 axis cnc machining service

5 axis cnc machining service can generally be divided into four axes and five axes. Today we mainly talk about five axis machining centers. What is a five axis machining center? The five-axis machining center is five motion coordinate axes, two motion rotary axes and three linear motion coordinate axes. Generally, it can be divided into AC combined rotation axis and BC combined rotation axis according to the different installation positions of the two rotation movements. Many friends have a misunderstanding about the five-axis machining center.

5 axis cnc machining service is generally used as a high degree of automation and intelligent processing equipment for high-end manufacturing. Five-axis machining centers are suitable for machining free-form body parts, turbine parts and impellers on aircraft ships. The five-axis machine tool can not change the position of the workpiece on the machine tool, so as to perform related processing on different sides of the workpiece, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency of prismatic parts.

Many friends have a misunderstanding about the five-axis machining center. They believe that the five-axis machining center is based on the three-axis machining center and adds two rotary axes. The two rotary axes first fix the cutting tool in an inclined position, and then move and process by the feed axes X, Y, and Z. But this is not really a five-axis machining center. The 5-axis machining center has a tool point following function, which can ensure that the cutting point of the tool contacts the surface of the part without changing any parameters to avoid cutting pits.