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Design considerations for plastic injection molding service

In the shape of the plastic part and the design of the wall thickness, etc., it should be considered to facilitate the smooth flow of the material to fill the cavity, so as to avoid sharp corners and gaps. plastic injection molding service should be made large when the mold release slope is used. When mold release slope is not allowed, forced mold release should be avoided, and a horizontal parting structure should be used.

The cross-section of the gating system should be large, and the process should be straight and short, which is conducive to the uniform dispersion of the fibers. The design of the inlet should take into account the insufficient consequences of an insufficient filling, anisotropic deformation, uneven distribution of glass fibers, and prone to welding marks. In addition, the feed inlet should be a thin, wide, thin, fan-shaped, ring and multi-point feed inlet to make the material flow turbulent. It is best not to use a needle-shaped inlet. The cross-section of the inlet can be appropriately increased and its length should be short.
plastic injection molding service
The mold core and cavity should have sufficient rigidity and strength, the mold should be hardened, polished, and wear-resistant steel selected, and the easy-to-wear parts should be easy to replace. Ejection should be even and powerful, easy to change. The mold should be provided with an exhaust overflow tank, and should be set at the position where welding marks are likely to occur.