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Advantages of 5 Axis machining products

       In the process of manufacturing complex molds, the application of five-axis machining is more and more extensive. Now many of them are 5 Axis machining products. Using five-axis machining can reduce the number of tooling and machine tools required for machining parts. The number of devices will be minimized, which means that the total processing time is also reduced. CNC functions are getting stronger and stronger, which also allows CNC manufacturers to offer more five-axis features.
       For those who have never used five-axis machining, these feature applications make five-axis machining very simple, and CNC technology is used on five-axis machining, so that five-axis machining has the following advantages:

      Reduce the need for special tools so that the tool offset can be set after the part program is allowed. In general, the design of the general program is supported, so that the post-processed program can be used interchangeably between different machine tools;

      It can improve the quality of finishing; it can be used on machine tools with different structures, so that it is not necessary to explain the spindle in the program or the workpiece is rotating around the center point. Because it can be solved with CNC parameters. The other five-axis CNC applications are also characterized by the ability to rotate the tool around the spindle, the characteristics associated with rotating the part around the spindle, and the ability to allow the operator to manually change the number of tools.