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What parts are suitable for machining with 5 axis cnc machining service?

          5 axis cnc machining service is now used by many processing companies. It can process different parts and components, and can also perform intelligent automatic adjustment of accuracy. The easy-to-use five-axis machining can complete refined operations according to different products, whether it is a lot of processes or The accuracy requirements are high, or all kinds of special-shaped products with complicated processing are not to mention, so what types of parts are usually suitable for processing?

          The first is box parts. 5 axis cnc machining service is very suitable for machining box parts. Because the parts in the box need to be scribed on various planes and holes in the plane, it is very suitable for the five-axis machining center to pass. Milling, drilling, expanding and boring are performed in different processes. Because of the many steps and tools used, the five-axis machining center can be used to make it more superior and refined at once.

          Curved complex parts, for curved complex parts that are often used in aerospace or machinery, these can also be completed with five-axis machining centers, especially with impellers or spherical surfaces and various propellers. The easy-to-use five-axis machining center can not solve the problems of various curved surface processing, but also can engrave various freely combined curved surface parts to life.
5 axis cnc machining service
           Special-shaped parts, for many irregular parts, using ordinary lathe machining not only has many working hours but also needs frequent tool replacement, the operation of the five-axis machining center can simultaneously integrate multiple stations with different points, lines and planes into one machine at a time Irregular parts processing can be more quality guaranteed through five-axis processing, and the processing efficiency can be improved to complete the operation of multiple processes at the same time.

             The above are the types of parts that can be processed by the five-axis machining center, so that you can clearly understand the advantages and characteristics of the machining center in machining