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5 axis cnc machining service Operation and processing principle

The use of 5 axis cnc machining service can bring great benefits to the mold maker. A flat-bottomed end mill can maintain the vertical state of the complex machining surface, which can greatly reduce the machining time. This result is because the entire diameter of the tool needs to be put into step cutting to complete, because this machining method can reduce the number of passes on the workpiece surface. This machining principle is equally applicable to side milling with angled surfaces.

This process can also eliminate rib-like texture caused by ball end mills, thereby achieving the desired surface quality and reducing the amount of work required to clean the surface.
5-axis machining technology
The 5-axis machining technology eliminates the need for multiple debugging and mounting of the workpiece due to the repositioning of the complex angle, which saves time, reduces errors, and saves many expensive costs. It can make the machine tool process complex parts. No way.

5-axis machining generally uses the short tool to process the entire part at one time, without the need to re-install or use the longer tools required for similar 3-axis machining, so the work can be completed in a short time, and the surface quality of the part is relatively high . Because the tool is extended and installed through the pivot support point, generally the accessories based on the main shaft, when machining the cavity in the mold, can actually perform milling processing outside the stroke specified by the host.